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The Women Entrepreneurs’ Brand

The women entrepreneurs’ logo is an icon to recognize, accredit and raise awareness about women-led businesses. It has the mission to support growth of women’s enterprises while creating a community of like-minded female business owners who share resources, partnerships and learning. It connects businesswomen to conscious consumers and brings together women entrepreneurs as a catalyst for women’sempowerment and economic advancement.

Why download the logo?

Women entrepreneurs download the logo because they want to connect with, partner, and support other women entrepreneurs. They also want to drive positive change through their business and represent that proudly by adopting a women-led brand.

There is growing momentum to support local, women-led businesses. Women are making a difference through their businesses – in the way they run them, and hire more diverse teams. Large companies are looking to diversify their supply chains and want to connect with women-led businesses that offer products and services they need.  This brand will help them find you!

What is the value for consumers?

Many conscious consumers want to buy quality, not quantity. They want to spend their money wisely, they want to choose who to support, and today they want transparency so that their purchase will impact society.

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